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LIKE a single acorn has the power to produce an entire forest, a positive influence for sustainable action can travel from one person to a million others.

This is why we direct part of our income to sponsor youth. We aim to cultivate values of sustainable and social innovation in younger generations, with the hope that they might be inspired to champion sustainability wherever they may end up. It is proven to be a very successful program and it is our contribution to build a sustainable future!


Our ambassadors experience first hand the effect of climate change through these expeditions and in turn, go on to influence more than millions in the community, bringing positive impact to our society and community.


CDL E-Generation Challenge is an annual competition that unearths talented young advocates from Singapore and the ASEAN region. Since 2017, GGEF has been a partner of this challenge, providing eco-champions an exciting platform that inspires thousands of others for a greener and more sustainable future.


We believe in nurturing the youths. Interns who are passionate about sustainability and wish to gain hands on experience, to be mentored in areas ranging from marketing, research to running events are welcome to send in their resumes. 


We believe in empowering our future leaders through sponsoring outstanding youths to attend international events. 


We hope to instil and develop confidence, adaptability, cultural tolerance and a global mindset through our sustainability exchange programme. 

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