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1. Healthcare Game Changer Award

Celebrating the revolutionary innovation that impacts sustainable solutions in the areas of health and wellbeing. The Healthcare Game Changer Award honors the breakthrough in technology, service, and contributions of outstanding women who have risen above the challenges posed by the healthcare industry and made a remarkable impact to the healthcare of mankind.


This inspirational role model should demonstrate resilience and innovation in the area of healthcare in relation to the 13 Targets under Sustainable Development Goal #3 Good Health and Well-being. These include but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring access to essential and affordable healthcare

  • Ensuring access to maternal and newborn healthcare

  • Reducing maternal, neonatal and child mortality

  • Fighting communicable diseases (AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, water-borne diseases etc)

  • Reducing mortality from non-communicable diseases and promote mental health

  • Ensuring access to dignified elderly care

2. Food & Clean Water Tech Game Changer Award

Celebrating the Food & Water Heroines among us, this Award recognizes women who have:


(i) been instrumental to the goal of alleviating global hunger and malnutrition, improving the quality and availability of nutritious food so that people no longer must go to bed hungry and receive the necessary minerals and vitamins;

(ii) made outstanding and tangible impacts in the sustainable long-term management of water resources, improving the quality and accessibility of clean water as well as preserving water usage through technology.


This inspirational role model should demonstrate innovation and positive impact:


(i) in the area of increasing agricultural productivity and sustainable food production, both of which are crucial in alleviating the perils of hunger in relation to the 8 Targets under Sustainable Development Goal #2 Zero Hunger. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Enhancing or innovating on sustainable food production

  • Eliminating hunger and malnutrition

  • Increasing food production or food processing productivity and practices

(ii) towards improved water and sanitation access in relation to the 8 Targets under Sustainable Development Goal #6 Clean Water and Sanitation. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Ensuring access to safe and affordable drinking water

  • Ensuring access to sanitation and hygiene

  • Increasing water use efficiency

  • Improving water quality, wastewater treatment and safe re-use

 3. Sustainable Energy Game Changer Award

Celebrating the future of clean sustainable energy, the Sustainable Energy Game Changer Award recognizes the achievements of women in the frontier of sustainable energy that transforms lives, economies, and the planet. Gone are the days where we pollute the environment with our energy requirements. Many have come up with innovative ways of harnessing energy, and we would like to recognise those who have bravely taken the step towards a pollution-free method of harnessing energy.


This inspirational role model should demonstrate commitment and dedication to impacting society and the environment positively through innovation in renewable energy, in relation to the 5 Targets under Sustainable Development Goal #7 Clean and Affordable Energy. These include, but are not limited to:


  • Ensuring access to affordable and reliable clean and green energy

  • Scaling production of renewable energy

  • Improving energy efficiency

  • Innovations in new forms of renewable energy or other technology innovation

4. Social Eco Game Changer Award

A firm supporter of Sustainability and Social Change, GGEF has been connecting changemakers to collaborate and make a positive impact. We know it takes great effort in creating a social change. 

That’s why we would like to recognize the efforts that have been put into creating social initiatives in Asia to address the challenges of the climate emergency, net zero carbon and/or delivery of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Judging Criteria



  • Applicant has developed or facilitated the development of innovative solutions, disruptive technologies, services or novel initiatives.

  • Innovations developed by the individual/company have been successfully adopted or implemented and have produced tangible social, environmental or industrial benefit


Long-term vision

  • A sustainable operating model that demonstrated long-term financial, social, and environmental returns.

  • A clear vision that shapes current strategies and new initiatives for a long-term sustainable future.



  • Clear, significant and positive impact on sustainability either in the development and dissemination of a solution, product or technology, or by effecting positive change through other means.

  • A tangible and scalable improvement to the quality of life for individuals or communities.

  • Demonstrated commitment to furthering sustainability as a whole through advocacy, stakeholder engagement, standards development or any other means.



  • Inspires people inside and outside the organisation or network to behave in a more environmentally sustainable way.

  • Committed to raising sustainability awareness or policy development in either the public or private sectors.

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Judging Panel

Halftone Image of Crowd
Clara Chen

Clara Chen

Founding Managing Partner

Singapore Deep Tech Alliance

Mason Tan

Mason Tan

Director (Impact Investing)

Providentia Wealth Advisory

Regula Schegg

Regula Schegg

Managing Director, Asia
Circulate Capital


Azmar Sukandar

Head of Communications & Society, Asia Pacific

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