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Judging Criteria



  1. The applicant has developed or facilitated the development of innovative solutions, disruptive technologies, services, or novel initiatives 

  2. Innovations developed by the company have been successfully adopted or implemented and have produced tangible social, environmental or industrial benefit


Long-term vision

  1. A sustainable operating model for the long-term, financially, socially, and ecologically

  2. A clear vision for the long-term future of energy and sustainability which helps shape current strategy and new initiatives



  1. Clear, significant, and positive impact within the sustainability industry or renewable energy either in the development and dissemination of a solution, product, or technology or by affecting positive change through other means

  2. A tangible and scalable improvement to the quality of life for individuals or communities

  3. Demonstrated commitment to furthering the sustainability industry or renewable energy as a whole, for example through advocacy, stakeholder engagement, standards development, and so on



  1. Inspires people inside and outside the organisation or network to behave in a more environmentally sustainable way

  2. Commitment to raising awareness or sustainability policy development or supporting renewable energy in either the public or private sectors

  3. Asian women working in Asia or non-Asian women championing sustainability within Asia

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Judging Panel

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Pearl Mao

Tsinghua x-lab


Anthony Cheung

Board Governor

Friends of the Earth (Hong Kong)


Liu XiaoWei

Vice President, External Affairs, Asia Pacific
Shell Eastern Petroleum


Leesa Soulodre

General Partner
R3i Ventures

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