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Not letting the environmental bugs bite

Zheng Xiao Ting.jpg

“More women should step forward in the sustainability business. Behind every entrepreneur is a dream to succeed.”

Zheng Xiao Ting, GGEF 2018 Eco Star of China Award Winner
CEO, Quzhou Chungwei PCO

Pests can be a real pain in the neck but at the same time we detest the pungent smell and smoke-filled atmosphere that result from common pest-control techniques.


Our Eco-Star of China Award winner Ms Zheng Xiaoting has sought to tackle this problem by revolutionizing the way we keep the bugs out. Her team at Quzhou Chungwei PCO has tried and tested a combination of non-toxic and environmentally friendly drugs and instruments.


Their breakthrough came when Quzhou Chungwei PCO used this method to successfully control huge termite populations plaguing the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy unit. The commendation they received has greatly enhanced their reputation and opened the way for new projects with government offices, private corporations and family households.


Coming up with a viable alternative to the traditional polluting fumigation method is no mean feat. Xiaoting is grateful to her teacher, Prof Shi Dazhao, as well as her classmates for supporting her and believing in her every step of the way.


Xiaoting also hopes that other companies will begin to realize the damage arising from high chemical usage and move towards finding green solutions to pest control.

During the award ceremony, Xiao Ting encouraged more women to step forward in the sustainability frontier.

“Eco-friendly pest control reduces harm to the environmental & human body”

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