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Building a green future


“We need to build greener buildings and smarter cities. ”

Armelle Le Bihan, GGEF 2018 Eco Star of Asia Award Winner
Founder, Green Building Consulting and Engineering

Buildings today currently account for 40% of global energy use and 25% of water use. This number is expected to rise in the future as urbanization spreads among the developing nations.


Our Eco Star of Asia award winner Ms Armelle Le Bihan saw the tremendous potential of green buildings to not only save the earth but also to help users cut down on their utilities bill.


In 2014, she set up Green Building Consulting and Engineering to challenge the misconception that it is expensive to build green. By reviewing current building processes and incorporating environmental conservation into her blueprints, Ms Armelle has been able to make green buildings an economically sensible option.

green building
green building

Her projects include a wellness destination resort in Bali, the GEM Olympic Complex in Ulaanbaatar and Bumrungrad hospital in Bangkok.


It is not easy being an engineer in a male-dominated sector but Armelle mentioned in a Post-Awards interview that the key is to surround yourself with people who believes in you and your mission. She is proud to receive the award and hopes to continue making an impact throughout Asia.

Make green buildings an economically sensible option.

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