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28-29 May 2022 : From Ideas to Sustainable Impact
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Pearl Mao
Executive Director, China Steering Committee of SDG Open Hack,
Former Director of Tsinghua x-lab

For students who are shouldering the mission to change the world for the better, it’s not enough for them to understand the concept of SDGs. They need to take real actions, applying science and technology across disciplines, innovating by exploring sustainable development models, and identifying real world problems they can tackle. We believe that “SDG Open Hack!” at Tsinghua University will be a catalyst for developing the kind of socially-engaged mindsets, innovation capabilities, and entrepreneurial skills to achieve the SDGs.


Jonas Haertle
Chief at the Office of Executive Director,
United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) 

Expanding the SDG Open Hack in Asia-Pacific and globally is a step closer to our mission for bringing innovation impact at scale for the SDGs. To achieve this, open innovation and experiential learning moments should be experienced by thousands of students and young people who are willing to make this world a better place. SDG Open Hack Singapore presents a unique opportunity to implement and advance our collective action and collaboration to achieve global progress on sustainable development.


Prof Francois Grey
Director of the Geneva-Tsinghua GTI Initiative University of Geneva

We have to come together and work together because governments and international organizations alone cannot solve all these social problems. SDG Open Hack Singapore is one of the best way to help young students go further from academic situation to have sustainable impact on world. I did hope and believe that it could be extended to other parts of the world.

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Thomas Maillart
President of Open Geneva; School of Economics and Management, Senior Lecturer of University of Geneva

Open Geneva is glad to support SDG Open Hack! Singapore. We are an association which aims at fostering open innovation for the betterment of life in Geneva and globally. Through its innovation festival, held annually in March, Open Geneva has brought together students and academics, international organisations as well as the private sector since 2017. Through the SDG Open Hack! label, Open Geneva - together with the University of Geneva, Tsinghua University and United Nations Institute for Research and Training - aims at the development of a rich and varied global community of makers and innovators for the achievement of UN SDGs by 2030. Having Singapore as a hub of this global community is an honor for us.



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