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Packaging that can be eaten?

2. Noryawati Mulyono Mugshot - WEGCA20.png

“Business is beyond money making. Business is providing the right solution to the problem(s) that the world is facing without creating another problem.”

Noryawati Mulyono, WEGCA 2020 Eco Innovator Award Winner
Co-founder and Director, PT Seaweedtama Biopac Indonesia

Norwayati Mulano is the inventor of seaweed-based biopackaging and co-founder of PT Seaweedtama Biopac Indonesia. Since a young age, Noryawati grew up being familiar with chemicals due to her family's business in chemical-based dye trading. The combination of her education and working experience equipped her with analytical and managerial skills to formulate a working product. On the other hand, winning several grants in research and entrepreneurship competitions provided her with the initial funding to transform  her research output into a viable business.

PT Seaweedtama Biopac Indonesia helps to solve plastic pollution and its disintegrated products, microplastic and nanoplastic, by manufacturing seaweed-based packaging to replace single use packaging.

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Noryawati uses seaweed as raw material because it provides more benefits than other terrestrial plant based materials.


Seaweed absorbs carbon dioxide, converting carbon dioxide to sugar for energy and releases oxygen into the water. The carbon dioxide absorbed also helps to de-acidify the water, providing an ideal environment for shell growth. Seaweed cultivation has also been identified as a carbon sink that could help mitigate climate change. Such benefits include, seaweed cultivation is sustainable, fast to cultivation, does not need pesticide and fertilizer, does not need land for plantation, does not need water for irrigation, and grow synergistically with high protein fish.

“We can make our planet Earth free from plastic waste.”

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