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GGEF Future Leaders Webinar 2021

Who should attend? 
  • Young & Young at heart
  • Thought leaders
  • Changemakers
  • Entrepreneurs
Learn & Get Inspired by
Sustainability Champions.


In the backdrop of global pandemic and climate emergency, we will find out how our future leaders came up with innovative solutions to tackle societal and environmental challenges during the inaugural SDG Open Hack SG.


Hear insights and foresights from our panel of sustainability game changers who have accomplished much in their fields and will continue to shape a sustainable future.

What are the key drivers for them to re-imagine the future?


Please join us to re-imagine a sustainable future.

2021 Webinar 2
21 July 2021 | Wednesday | 8:00PM - 9:15PM

GGEF is proud to present GGEF Future Leaders Webinar 2!
To address this pressing topic, we are honoured to have prominent speakers with diverse backgrounds to share their insight and foresight on building a more sustainable future.

Webinar 2 SCHEDULE

8:00pm // Welcome Remarks
                 by Christina Lee

             // Opening Remarks

                 by Esther An

             // Fireside Chat I

               by Blair Crichton, Sylvester Wong, Tomohiro Hamakawa 

                  & Stephanie Dickson (Moderator)

             // Q&A

             // Fireside Chat II

                by Sheikh Sulaiman, Brijesh Shah, Janet Neo

                   & Riddhimaa Gupta (Moderator)

             // Q&A

             // Closing Remarks 

                by Christina Lee

9:15pm // End

Webinar 2 Speakers

2021 Webinar 1
6 March 2021 | Saturday | 4:00PM - 6:00PM

As greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, climate change will continue to accelerate. Even if emissions were to stop today, the climate would continue to change for some time as the Earth’s system responds to the warming already underway. It makes sense for our future leaders to anticipate changes and act now to minimize future economic and social risks. Hence, building climate resilience is inarguably critical now. 

Webinar 1 SCHEDULE

4:00pm // Welcome Remarks
                 by Christina Lee

             // Inspirational Fireside Chat

                 by Barney Swan & Simone Heng

             // Q&A

             // Impact Business Plenary Session

                 by Eugene Wang, Michael Au & Willy Kwong

             // Q&A

             // Special Announcement

                 by Thomas Maillart

             // Virtual Networking

6:00pm // End

Webinar 1 Speakers


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